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Monday, 11 September 2017 18:17

Just Brew it...with Petra!

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by Petra Strelecka
I am a former of Prufrock Coffee in London. Since 2014 I’ve opened my own café – Industra Coffee in Brno, Czech Republic. I am 3 times Czech Brewers Cup Champion and 6th place at world brewers champion 2017.

How can you find the perfect recipe for a coffee that you are brewing for the first time?Hmm...I think everyone of us prefer a slightly different cup of coffee.
My favourite cup of coffee is the one brewed with V60 from a good quality coffee beans.
I am using a standart recipe - 15 gr. of coffee to 250gr. of water and I am pouring 50gr. of water every 30 seconds. This is an energetic brew method that allows me to extract a lot out of the coffee.
Then is only the grind size that you have to find for yourself - according to your taste and strength that you like to most.

This year in the world brewers championship i served a blend of two microlots grown in Volcan in Panama.These coffees are coming from one farm,near the borders of Costa Rica ,they are growing 1800m above the sea level,quite high but coffee comes more sweet at the end.So this blend of two geishas with an experimental processing method ,was something extremely new for me and my flavors.The 30% of the blend was a honey processed geisha variety ,called Juliettwith exotic fruits ,smooth and very clean taste and the other 70% was a hot fermented geisha,called Lotus.This coffee went for a fast fermentation in lotus room,which is like a small building in the empire of the estate with no shade cover…So,it’s really warm in the building,but there are drying racks and fans for controlling humidity and temperature.This fermentation is in fast forward and the flavors that invents is quality cocoa nibs.

My recipe was 14,8gr. of coffee to 250gr. of water.I made a fast brewing to extract more aggressively with a coarse grinding and a high temperature in 95 degrees.I did the same pour as in my daily routine,50ml of water every 30 seconds.I used the plastic v60 for stable temperature and for keeping the coffee bed higher.This coffee roasted one week before the competition.
This coffee had for the aromas tanzanian cocoa nibs infusion and tea flower .In the flavor you could find this tanzanian cocoa nibs infusion,cherry compote ,refreshing lemon zest,hint of bergamot and as it was cooling down you could find exotic fruits like pineapple and orange with an hibiscus malic acidity,juicy and full body and a winy aftertaste.So balanced coffee.
For me it was so amazing coffee,so it was so easy to choose it for this year's competition.

...keep brewing!

(photo credits to Jeff Hann for World Coffee Events)

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