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J Just Brew It!

Monday, 11 September 2017 18:18

Just Brew It...With Budha!

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Just Brew It...With Budha! (Photo Credits:Per Jonsson Photo)


by Budha Sutedja
I am the Coffee Mafia..haha…You can find me at Budhas Kaffe och Rosteri as a barista,roaster and coffee lover……I have the best coffee bar in Sweden for 2017 according to White Guide..

Life is so simple...Brew can also be simple...If you have a good coffee,follow my steps and enjoy!
1.First of all, you have to weight the beans before grinding.It is so important for your customers to receive constant quality every day.This is a way to trust you for their daily coffee.
2. ...but always the main thing is the water.You have to experiment a little with different waters to get the desirable result.For me,and my coffees a water with 110 tds gives me cups with sweetness.
3.The third factor is temperature.For brewing light to medium roast profile coffees use a temperaturure about 93-94C .If you use higher temperature than 96C you will burn the coffee and you will get a very bad result in your cup.
photo iii
4.For a recipe with 17grams of coffee with 235ml of water in chemex, I insist for the bloom to pour 55ml of water slowly for 50sec.In that way you can wet all the coffee and there is time for coffee contact to water to release all the flavors.After this, you pour 2 times 100ml and 160 ml of water as you are doing circle moves.It is easy to get all the coffee from the sides and make the right pressure that you need for your extraction.
5.Ready to serve your coffee!The ideal temperature to drink your coffee is at 40-45C. You have to taste it always.Every ship is different.You have to taste it in the first minute,in the second and in the third..

photo ii
And remember my most important tip:If you don’t have time to drink coffee,you better drink water….No stress for coffee!!!!

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