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Monday, 23 October 2017 23:26

Just Brew it...with Veronika!

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by Veronika Galova Vesela
Barista and trainer, runs a coffee school in Czech Republic, an education program and she is a HORECA consultant. She is devoted to specialty coffee and pays deep respect to the journey of  the coffee bean. She is convinced a single cup of coffee creates new and lifelong relationships with those who believe in the same things. Her key values include high quality products,socialty responsible, environmentally sustainable, impact driven and being trustworthy.

When consistency is the key...
With the championships happening the same every year , I'm always looking for something new.Not only in my cup ,but also I am looking to change my brewing technique as well. As a barista and trainer I feel the responsibility for the best possible result of served cup of coffee.I can control my work, but I am always asking myself a question ''How to teach and train baristas in coffee shops to maintain the consistency and quality of their brewing. Is there any key recipe?'' Not so much. I want baristas to be creative,but at the same time keep the discipline behind the bar.
Have you experienced the same problem at your coffeeshop? Then, I might have a solution. Let's call the recipe  ''The Ratio of 1:1:1''
DSC06682                                        (photo credits to Jeff Hann for World Coffee Events) 
To explain...
In the world of coffee, there is a perfect combination of three equal elements that bring harmony to its value chain and to the cup - (1) producer, (1) farmer and (1) barista.We have to rely on each other, in respect to the result and expectations to coffee.This is the original idea where we started  and applied this "algorithm" to roasting.
We divided roasting, into three equal parts based on the roasting time:
(1} During the first part,we generate an extensive temperature drop to stimulate development of acidity.
(1) In the second part,we continued to develop the sweetness with along drying phase.
(1) For the final part,an equal amount of development time is applied to the overall roast time to create a balance.
I applied the same 1:1:1 technique for my brew.This, makes it simple,easy to repeat and to understand for anyone in the world. Roasting ratio is now my brewing ratio.
How to...
Brewing method V60
Recipe: 1:1:1
Fixed parameters: Use 20gr. of coffee and 300gr. of water.
Flexible parameters:coarser grind size (29 turns on the Comandante grinder},water at 95C .
By using V60,divide your brew of 300g into three equal pours of 100gr. of water.
Wet your filter for 1 minute. Total brew time approximately 3 minutes.
                                       (photo credits to Jeff Hann for World Coffee Events)
1st pour:Start at 0:00 pouring 100gr. of water in circles (do not pour directly on the wall of V60). This first pour is responsible for highlighting the acidity in your cup.
2nd pour: Start at 1:00 pouring additional 100gr of water in circles (not from the center where the first pour created the Clater).
With this second pour you are adding and controlling the sweetness of the cup.
3rd pour:Start at 2:00 pouring the last 100gr of water. Your brew should finish at 3:00 to 3:15 depending on the grind
size.This third and final pour balances the acidity and sweetness in the brewed coffee.
The extensive advantage of this technique is not only the consistency, but also time management behind the bar. After each pour, that takes approximately 20 seconds, barista has 40 seconds to take care of another customer or beverages. Even better, it's your precious time for the customer. And that's what makes your cup special!
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